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"There has to be a way to redirect employee's driving ambition and to channel it more productively. There is. Create heroes in every role. Make every role, performed at excellence, a respected profession.” 

— Marcus Buckingham —

Career growth & freedom

Younger people have an increased demand for rapid job rotation and growth. Millennial leaders are the most likely generation to switch jobs. They see a career as a continous learning process.

When leaders understand employees' strengths and weaknesses, they can help make great choices in the roles and area's that people can truly excel. 

Feedback conversations

You’ve put the right team in place, but they’re not quite performing up to their potential. Managers can sometimes struggle to manage, support and motivate their people. Feedback is also one of the most crucial elements in assisting employees to support their performance and growth, and at the same time also the most difficult and sensitive area. Setting up engaging feedback conversations is a skill your can learn.

Individualized onboarding

It’s a great feeling when you’ve hired the right person for the right job. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Hiring the right people for the right roles and fully support them in getting them on board is key to create the right growth environment. Change your focus by setting clear role expectations and supporting them in being at their best, in their own unique strengths and leadership style. 

Engaging spirit

Our workenvironment is highly complex and changes to the workplace forces us to rethink engagement. It has also become a reality that change and complexity is part of our lives. We will equip you to lead with a strengths-based approach, proven to improve employee engagement and creating a human and universal approach in making steps to a bigger change.

The end-result. A strengths-based culture

A culture demonstrating an increased understanding & appreciation of the collective Strengths and DNA of the team culture. Confident managers who know how to get the best from their teams and take appropriate actions & decisions.


Customer loyalty
& engagement






Increased productivity

(Source: Gallup)


Small steps, major effects on people






I love to mentor you around following topics

  • Career development program
  • Development program for young leaders
  • Strengths-based performance approach
  • Onboarding program 
  • Management Strengths Review sessions
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