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"Work from your heart - feel the love for your topic and others will see that shine.  Dare to be the best you."

— Sharon Ramel —

The best version of you!

Once in our lifetime, we might get lost in the areas of our life that we wish to change. This is a sign that we are doing too much thinking in our head, or not being fully aware of who we are and even forgetting our true potential.

Strengths coaching is a forward-looking process of self-exploration to help you make important changes in your life. We’ll explore how your talents surface in you so that you may embrace and appreciate the true power of them. You will Learn how to leverage and apply your greatest talents and strengths to achieve desired goals and outcomes in your personal and professional life

A 'Talent Light' session is a kickstart feedback session and an introduction to your Top 5 talents. You get an access code to the Cliftonstrengths assessment and a 60-minute feedback session in video conferencing format.

A "Strengths" session is a series of 5 coaching moments during which we discuss your 34 talents and make a development plan to live your strengths and get the best of you!

All Feedback Sessions can be scheduled in a face-to-face, telephone, or video conferencing format.

Your benefits

  • Find your best version and (re)discover a sense of purpose in life
  • Gain more self-awareness and confidence
  • Make more conscient decisions and live a more fulfilled and happier life
  • Anticipate to deal with difficult circumstances e.g. when we are stressed, tired, angry, or experience any other triggers that don’t enable us to be at our best
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