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“To be successful in life, career & business,
you cannot bypass 
your journey
of self-discovery”

Careers have entered a new age

We are now given the freedom to change jobs and re-align our personal ambitions. However, this requires to grow a mentality of self-management. Career Coaching4 is a solution-based & positive approach to making sustainable career decisions. This is beneficial at any point in your career – early career direction, mid-career change to find your true passion, career advancement, during a career transition or layoff, or in anticipation of retirement.


  • We help leaders understand their current behavior and position with regards to their career.
  • Making a successful and sustainable career choice and transition into (other/new) leadership roles and through facilitation of powerful questions based on a research-based strengths & career management frameworks.
  • We start with our Strengthsfinder assessment & Career Fitness Profiler. This gives a person deep and individualised insight into themselves and what makes them thrive. we’ll partner to increase your self-awareness and clarify your career and organizational goals. 
  • More info on our professional career assessment tool:
  • Throughout the self-discovery process, we’ll identify barriers that may be holding you back and we’ll act as your sounding board as we explore new ideas to move your career forward.

Career Coaching enables you to

  • Build confidence and define your value proposition and personal mission.
  • Establish a clear career path by exploring your ambitions and developing an action plan to get you there
  • Help navigate through difficult career decisions and challenges
  • Achieve career goals more quickly

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